Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Independent Bowmore (On National Day!)

So yes, on National Day last week SGwhisky took some time off those bottles to catch up on another hobby, photography. It was Rag Day for the National University of Singapore, and it was always good to have a chance to grab some nice shots. This year it was at the Promontory, near the Marina Bay Financial Centre, so it's central locality meant one thing... Proximity to whisky establishments! So after quite a bit of shooting, which yielded nice pictures like the one above, where better to go than to the establishment nearest to Marina Bay itself, The Connoisseur Emporium for a taste of an interesting Bowmore.

Name: Duncan Taylor Rare Auld Series Bowmore 26YO
Distillery: Bowmore (Islay)
Bottler: Duncan Taylor
Type: Single Cask Single Malt Scotch
Cask No: 85073 (166 Bottles)
Vintage: 10/1982
Age Statement: 26YO
Alc/Vol: 51.3%

This independent Bowmore from Duncan Taylor was one that Heru, the Manager of The Connoisseur Emporium, has been raving about. Bottled at a healthy strength of 51.3% and an older age than most of the official Bowmores today, it should be a really interesting dram.

Nose: Great complex nose. Creamy and fruity with notes of Strawberries and cream, peach jam, icing sugar and a hint of peat. Notes of Strawberry cream cake as well. If one nitpicks, one can say that it is pretty much mainly sweet notes but this is overall a very pleasant and enjoyable nose. (23)

Taste/Palate: Very rich and sweet with notes of simple syrup, honey and caster sugar. Notes of raspberries and bananas bring up a very fruity note too with hints of oakiness and cream as well. (22)

Finish: Oaky, drying and overall rather graceful with a syrupy sweetness lingering. Despite this, it is slightly underwhelming. (21)

Overall: The balance of the whisky in general suffers due to the slightly underwhelming finish but the nose and the palate are really good and enjoyable. I would recommend this! (22) 88/100

Found at: The Connoisseur Emporium

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