Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where to Drink: The Auld Alliance

The Need to Knows:

Name: The Auld Alliance
Address: CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street, #01-08 S(187996)
Tel: 6337-2201
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 5pm-1am, Fri-Sat: 5pm-2am
Facebook Page:

(Note: (6th July 2011) In SGwhisky's efforts to keep updated, this post has been edited to be more comprehensive)

As mentioned, this blog is all about Singapore and the Whisky scene here, so SGwhisky is kicking off this permanent segment on bars and retailers to get your Whisky fix here in Singapore with a review of one of the newest bars on the scene, The Auld Alliance.

Opened in late January 2011, The Auld Alliance is a purpose-built Whisky Bar located at CHIJMES, a historical landmark in the heart of Singapore's city area. CHIJMES was previously a convent and school for girls, but has since been transformed into one of the most vibrant nightspots in Singapore with restaurants and bars. It is in this vibrant area that The Auld Alliance has chosen to situate itself.

The main bar area of The Auld Alliance

The Auld Alliance is the culmination of a dream of Frenchman Emmanuel Dron, the owner, who has been working in Singapore's whisky industry for 15 years.  It is fitting that The Auld Alliance actually refers to the ancient historical alliance between Scotland and France, reflecting this 'alliance' between a Frenchman and his passion for the revered drink of Scotland. The bar itself has limited seating, with about 15 seats around the bar area and a sitting areas in two connecting rooms that sit about another 20-30 more (one of the two rooms are private though).

If the seating in The Auld Alliance is limited, the selection of whiskies certainly isn't. Boasting over 1000 whiskies sold by the glass and/or bottle, the Auld Alliance stakes a claim to have one of the most comprehensive selections of whiskies here in Singapore. With a wide array of Scottish Single Malts, Japanese  and American whiskies, as well as whiskies from India, Wales and Ireland, one will be able to find most of the drams one is looking for here. 

For the Scotch Lover, the Scotch Whisky selection in The Auld Alliance is one of the most comprehensive selections in the region. With standard Official bottlings from almost all the Scottish single malt distilleries, it is a great place to get introduced to the world of scotch whisky. For those who are really into scotch, The Auld Alliance has a collection of some of the world's oldest and most revered whiskies. Some examples include the Samaroli Bowmore Bouquet 1966, Macallans from the 1930s through to the present day, Ardbegs from the 1970s and the famed Diageo releases (1st-10th) from Port Ellen.

Outside from the world of Scottish whisky, The Auld Alliance has an extensive range of whiskies from around the world, the largest of which being Japanese whiskies, which number around 200. Aside from the official bottlings (single malt and blends) from Japan's major distilleries, The Auld Alliance also has a extensive collection of the Ichiro Malt Card series, as well as whiskies from the famed Karuizawa distillery. The Auld Alliance also has the 1987 Yoichi and the 1967 Karuizawa, both award winning whiskies. In addition to the Japanese whisky collection, there are whiskies from India, England, Wales, Ireland and the Americas. Check out the George T. Stagg Sazerac Rye, a bourbon whiskey bottled at 70.7% alcoholic content!

 The Japanese Whisky Shelf

For those non-whisky lovers, there is also a selection of champagnes and other liquors like Absinthe, Rum, Armagnac and Cognac available for consumption. One example of a non-whisky classic is their brandy made with grapes from the famed Romanee-Conti region in France, which produces one of the most famous wines in the world. However, there is no food served at this bar, as it is purpose-built only for whiskies and other liquors. Upon clarification though, the staff at The Auld Alliance informed me that they have menus from a few of the restaurants in CHIJMES and one can order food from these restaurants through the bar staff.

All in all, The Auld Alliance is definitely a Whisky Bar worth visiting. It's wide selection alone is a huge selling point, and its central location is also a plus point.

Good for: Quiet ambiance, wide whisky selection, rare and collectible whiskies


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